Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

We deliver tailor-made, innovative and data-driven influencer marketing & branded content solutions for our business partners, based on their marketing objectives & KPIs, by designing an integrated and amplified omni-channel media journey.

We have designed and managed many successful and end-2-end influencer marketing campaigns with our valuable advertisers from different industries.

Scope of Work

Campaign Brief

Influencer Storytelling & Strategy

Influencer Discovery with Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches

Influencer Short List

Influencer Media Buying & Legal Framework

Project Execution

Post-Analysis & Benchmark

Why MediaMarcom?

Storytelling & Experience Design

Influencer Discovery

Offline Media & Influencer Integration


Amplification with Programmatic Media

Campaign Post-Analysis Presentations with Detailed Benchmarks

Our Approach

Influencer Brand Match + Content Strategy
= Engagement

Influencer Discovery

Quantitative Approach

Media performance metrics of influencers




CPM for Instagram & CPV for YouTube

Audience retention

Audience demography of influencers



Geography (country & city)

Advanced audience analytics of influencers


Audience reachability

Fraud analysis

Organic growth

Audience interests

Likes spread

Comments / Likes ratio

Qualitative Approach

Background check & brand-safety analysis

Content quality assessment

Brand-fit analysis

Cooperation quality assessment

Historical & current partnerships with brands

Compliance with non-compete standards

Compliance with legal framework